In addition to our Online Ordering System, we also offer telephone ordering system to our customers. With this system you will be able to take orders directly over the phone.

We will provide you a touch screen computer and our telephone ordering software that will include your menu.
When you receive a phone call, our software will download information about your customer using their phone number. Our system is also capable to find customer address via given postcode. Once the customer’s details are saved on the system, it will automatically bring up their details on the touch screen monitor next time they call. You will then be able to take their orders and select either delivery or collection. When the new order is submitted, the thermal printer will automatically print order label for you just like your online orders.

Our system is also capable of calculating the distance of the calling customer from your business. It will create a map showing driving directions to the customer address.

  • Postcode Finder
  • Caller ID
  • Mile Calculator
  • Map Generator
  • Online Takings Breakdown
Telephone ordering system